Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (3 Years)

This degree is developed to recognize that in today`s society, public relations professionals are employed in a wide variety of settings in business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The goal of the curriculum is to educate students for careers in communication-based activities in such organizations. Students are prepared not just for entry-level positions, but for advancement in their selected fields. Students are also required to take institutional courses

Minimum Entry Requirement

  1. Candidates should be holders of the advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) with two principal passes in appropriate subjects at the same sitting with a minimum of 2.0 points. A candidate must have at least five (5) credit passes in the Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) including English. Two principle level passes both of at least C grade if not at the same sitting;
  2. Candidates with an Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) without the necessary two principal passes must have Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies (CJMS) from any recognized institutions with a minimum of B.
  3. Candidate Must have Diploma in business Administration with a "Second Class" OR "Credit" OR "Average" OR a "B".
  4. .Credit passesin Mathematics at O-level.

Fees Strucure

All foreiners rates are in United State Dollar ($) while Tanzanian are in Tanzania Shilings (Tsh)

DescriptionYear IYear IIYear III
Tuition Fee1,260,000 2,3601,260,0002,3601,260,0002,360
Examination Fee145,000100.00145,000100.00145,000100.00
Student Union 5,000 5.005,0005.005,0005.00
Identity Card10,0005.00----

Meals and Accommodation allowances are arranged personally between the student and his/her sponsor as per companies/government scales

Application Procedures

Acording to TCU all undergraduete direct entry applicants are required to apply directly through Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) by either online application or SMS applications.
If your direct entry applicant finished form six before 1988 or your points are less than those stipulated by TCU you can apply direcly by following the steps below;

  1. Understand the requirements for admission.

    Before you apply for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) make sure you are eligible for this programme. You can get more information on this from Here or request information from Admission Officer throug this Email:

  2. Donít miss application deadlines.

    Check for application deadline in the bottom of this page.

  3. Fill out an application and Referee Forms

    Download application forms for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the download links at bottom of this page or get it from Admissions Office. You may also request application form by mail from Admission Oficer(

  4. Provide the following supporting documents for your application

    All applicants for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) are required to submit the following information together with their application

    • A certified copy of your birth certificate for Tanzanian applicants. (Foreign students may provide a copy of their pasport)
    • Certified copies of your education certificates (Ordinary Level, Advanced Level, Degree,or Advanced diploma) or any other Certificate related to this programme. (Minimun Entry Requirements above)
    • Names of two referees, who know the applicantís ability for this programme
    • An endorsement or a letter from the sponsor or employer or guardian confirming his or her readiness to sponsor the applicant.

      If applying for financial aid, fill out the Free Application form Higher Educaation Students Loan Board (HESLB). Questions can be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid (Loan officer).

    • Two latest passport-size photographs
    • A text of 500-700 words written by the applicant to tell about her or his life experience, goals, and reasons for seeking this programme of study.
  5. Pay for your Application

    A non-refundable application fee of Tsh. 20,000/= or USD $25 should accompany the application and should be paid to Archbishop James university college of Songea Account Number 015.......... CRDB BANK SONGEA BRANCH. All payments should be done in the bank as indicated above and submit a valid bank pay-in slip together with your application. Any Financial fraud shall lead to discontinuation from studies and shall be reported to the police for further legal action

  6. Submit your Application Forms

    Duly filled-in forms, supporting documents and original bank pay-in slip should be submitted to this address;

    Admissions Officer
    Archbishop James University College of Songea
    P.O. BOX 466

  7. Any application that did not follow the above procedure or late application will not be processed

Download Application Forms

These Forms Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF Reader) Which can be obtained from Here

Application Deadline

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